The Vision

It feels good when your guitar sounds the way you want it to. The only thing you need in order to enjoy some high quality tones is an audio interface, that’s it. The process of tone matching can be really frustrating and boring. With the endless parameters and choices given, you end up not playing the guitar but waste your time tweaking knobs. That’s what I am here for, I’ll do the boring part for you. Listen to my work, what you hear is what you get, the only variables that change are the guitar and the player.

In this site I will be sharing some guitar and bass presets for various plugins. There are plugins that I like working with, more than others. I tend to use the ones that offer the best tonal quality.(Stuff from Positive Grid, Ignite Amps, Alain Poulin, TSE Audio, Vadim Taranov, Nick Crow, TAL) I 'd like to thank the developers for offering their work for free.

The Mentality of this Site

No annoying popups about cookies and gdpr compliance. No newsletter subscriptions. No intrusive ads, spawned every minute, covering the whole page, stoping you from interacting with what has real value, the site's content.

This site doesn't need to spy on it's visitors with cookies, bombard them with e-mails and ads in order to generate revenue. The community that has been built naturally throughout the years is supporting this website actively. What truly matters is the quality of the site's content. If the content of a site makes people's lives better and easier, traffic and revenue will come organically.


All of my patches follow the K-14 level standard. While searching through tone clouds, libraries or internet patches, you notice that the amount of output you get is totally random. This could be harmful for headphone users. You can solve this issue by using a limiter after your chain. I believe following standards is a really good practice.

GDPR compliance

If you purchase a product from this site, your email will be saved. If you wish to remove your mail from this list simply visit the contact page and request to unsubscribe from the list using the mail that you want to be removed. If you use cryptocurrencies to make a purchase, no information of yours can be stored on the site. No other data is collected from the visitors/customers of this site.