Bias Preset Manager Application

(new version)

I present you the new and upgraded version of the Bias Preset Importer Tool.
Now compatible with the second generation of Positive Grid's products. (Bias FX 2)

  • • Import multiple presets in any bank (including factory banks)
  • • Export a preset and share it with your friends.
  • • Rename banks (including factory banks)
  • • Rename presets
  • • Quickly move any preset to any bank
  • • Delete presets
  • • Star / unstar presets.

No need to use the ToneCloud anymore. Manage your presets conveniently and freely. ❤️ Available for Windows and Mac.

⌨️ Github Link (New project).

Bias Preset Importer Tool

(old version)

Simply run “Bias Importer.exe” and setup the directories. Now you can privately send presets to your friends without using the ToneCloud!

In the following Github link there are some TestFiles (a Bias Amp Model and a Bias FX preset) that you can use, to take this app for a test-drive. Just to be safe, backup the folders “Bias” and “BIAS_FX” from your documents.

• After Importing your preset, open up Bias FX and look in the “Factory Rock” bank.

• After Importing your preset, open up Bias Amp and look in the “Custom” bank.

This app requires a Java Runtime Enviroment (10) to run propely!
Only Windows compatible. Not compatible with Bias Amp 2 or Bias FX 2.

⌨️ Github Link (Old project).

🖥️ These projects are free & open source

What that means is that you can see the inner workings of them, verify the security of each line of code, compile them and run them by yourself. You can visit the Preset Installation Tutorial page and learn how these apps actually work.

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⌨️ Github Link (New project).

⌨️ Github Link (Old project).