How will I get your patches?

Once payment via PayPal is completed, you will be redirected to a dropbox page, where you will get a package with all the “.fxp”, “.hlx” files, Impulse Responses, links to the software used, documentation, pics and all the necessary files.

How will I import your presets?

In case any of the following steps fail, you can use the detailed pics that I will send you. This allows you to adjust all of the variables manually. Visit the Preset Installation Tutorials Page.
If you have any issue contact me.

Why do you sell your patches and don’t give them for free?

Because I’m a bad person. Here is some free stuff I giveaway.

How do I know your patches sound good?

Just check the samples I have uploaded on my soundcloud or youtube account and let your ears be the judge. What you hear, is what you get! If you are still hesitating, contact me and I will reamp some DIs for you. That way you know what the presets will sound like, through your rig.

Who are you?

I am a guitar nerd. I study Digital Systems and Digital Signal Processing at the University Of Piraeus, in Greece.