This Bias Amp Model is based on a popular Axe FX II model in the Metal and Prog community (Dizzy V4 Silver 3). The way your right hand hits the strings has an impact on the timbre. This hybrid amp model is pretty much a Swiss Army knife. Check out the range of tones you can get simply by turning the gain knob in the following demo…

My goal with this one was not to make it sound just like a real Diezel, but to create a tonally rich little Bias Amp hybrid model using the initial AXE FX II Dizzy model as a good starting point. I put the AXE FX II GUI on top of it just for fun.

This Bias Amp Model is Amp-Matched to an AX8 with Quantum firmware 3.04. I am running Bias AMP DSP Engine 858. The first two riffs is Bias AMP with a tube screamer (Bias Pedal) loaded in the front (Gain at 12 o’clock, bridge pickup). The last part is just Bias AMP, nothing else (Gain at 9 o’clock, neck pickup). No Post Processing! In this demo I used my homemade 7 string loaded with Dimarzio Illuminators.

For this model you won't need the Professional license, nor the IR loader.