I have been working on this one for quite some time. This Bias Amp model is based on an overused AXE FX II amp model in the Djent/Prog community. I added many twists here and there to add extra spice and juice.
The timbre of this hybrid amp reacts to the amount of pick attack you are using. An excellent choice for rhythm purposes and Djenty stuff. Palm muting and chugging never felt so good! Your Amp collection cannot miss this one!

This Bias Amp Model is Amp-Matched to an AX8 with Quantum firmware 3.04. I am running Bias AMP DSP Engine 858. The first part is FAS Modern III (Bias Amp Model) with a tube screamer loaded in the front and a bit of reverb post. The last part is just the amp. No Post Processing! In this demo I used my homemade 7 string loaded with Dimarzio Illuminators.

You will need the Professional License Tier for this one.