This is my dream amp. I’ve tried really hard to find something that sounds close to the actual thing on Positive Grid’s Tonecloud and I failed. Again and again.
So I decided to build one by myself and here we are…

This model pushes the limits of what Bias Amp is capable of. Insanely tuby, responsive and gnarly. Deliciously crunchy, with applications across all sorts of genres and styles. You can clearly hear every detail of your picking hand’s movements. My new favorite Bias Amp Model without a second thought!

In the following demo I play some stoner style rhythm, modern progressive metal, some crunchy lead and some pushed cleans. Enjoy!

The first part is the amp inside a full fx-chain...
The last part (“All new materials – Periphery”) is the amp by itself…
I am using my homemade 7-string loaded with Dimarzio Illuminator pickups.

The package you get includes the Bias Importer Tool.

Don't forget to visit my F.A.Q. page for instructions.

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